Getting back into the school groove

With plenty of sweat already (holding out for the blood and tears), I started classes today. I attended my black British music course in the morning. The rest of the day was open for school work and errands.

My main order of business was getting books. After class, I journeyed on to Waterstones.

Having gotten lost on the way there, I was a bit flustered. Fumbling with my books on the street, I had a fear of being accosted or robbed. I was vulnerable and I probably looked clueless. A perfect target!

Then, I asked myself coolly, “Who would run up on me and steal my Shakespeare books?”

And then I remembered I was in London. Who knows, you know? The Waterstones location I visited was a little slip of a place. Snagging all four of the plays I needed, it looked like I had cleaned the Shakespeare section out for awhile. I wouldn’t put it past a Londoner to get pretty angry about that.

So much walking went on. So much. I have blisters formed from today alone, I’m certain of it.

Anyway, I ended up at what is looking like my study spot for the semester: Caffè Nero. It’s an Italian coffee shop, but it’s also a chain. There are a good number of the shops sprinkled around London.

Having a fair amount of work on my plate, I went there yesterday to kill time before going to the Globe. I was back again today, seeking a quiet (enough) place with outlets and sustenance.

I ended up with their iced latte and a goat cheese + red pepper to fuel me. 

All I could really do was get cracking on Shakespeare. Reading the script the day after proved to be a success.  As I said myself last night, “Though [Shakespeare’s] plays have much to offer to readers, they exist fully only in performance.” Last night’s show was so incredible that I could see and hear certain passages verse-for-verse. Reading “Much Ado” was smooth sailing.

On a smaller note, it was nice to unplug and sit with a book in the café. The romanticism there is obvious, but as a recent subscriber to audio books, I hadn’t sit and held a book in a long time.

I ended my day doing some grocery shopping for the week. Nothing too crazy. Fingers crossed that the rest of my classes and getting further acquainted with London go well.

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By Caroline Colvin

Black retro-obsessed non-binary baddie ♡ pleasure & wellness advocate ♡ aesthetic archivist ♡

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