My name is Caroline Colvin and I am the petit ange brun (little brown angel) behind Petit Ange Brun.


By trade, I’m a traditional magazine journalist. But through my experiences, I’ve expanded my work to multimedia storytelling and content creation on social media.


I have a strong inclination toward social justice, especially as a queer black woman. My goals in every endeavor I undertake is to:

  1. increase media representation for marginalized groups,
  2. deconstruct stigma,
  3. push readers and viewers to think critically about systems of power.


✎ I’ve combined my love of aesthetics and raising the bar for media representation by founding Cherry Magazine. The publication is a space — by queer people, for people — to discuss fashion, beauty and wellness .

✎ I am also a Sex + Dating Staff Writer for Elite Daily, a digital magazine for millennial women and non-binary folks.

☞ Feel free to send pitches, tips, love letters and business inquiries to carolinecolvinwrites@gmail.com.


If you’re interested in reading my work, check out my writing here.

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