Here are my round-ups and reported pieces on visual art and music.

Elite Daily | Here’s The Breakup Song You Need To Hear, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Elite Daily | 14 Songs About Being Single That’ll Remind You How Fun It Can Really Be

Elite Daily |Β Taylor Swift’s β€˜Lover’ Lyrics About Relationships Are So Spot On

Elite Daily | Professor Omise’eke Tinsley’s BeyoncΓ© & Rihanna Class At UT Austin Shows The Power Of Pop Culture | Interviewed Dr. Omise’eke Tinsley, a professor who specializes in queer Caribbean literature and black studies

Elite Daily | It’s A “Hot Girl Summer” & Here’s How 10 People Are Celebrating

Elite Daily | 10 Happy Love Songs For Summer That Make For The Ultimate Dating Playlist

Elite Daily | 12 Photos Of Wedding Bouquets That Are So Pretty, You’ll Wanna Walk Down The Aisle ASAP

Elite Daily | 15 Songs To Listen To After A Breakup When It’s Time To Get Your Groove Back

Elite Daily | Here’s The Best Album Of Summer 2019, Based On Your Relationship Status

Elite Daily |Β Deun Ivory’s Photos of Black Sexual Assault Survivors Celebrate Their Healing | Interviewed Deun Ivory, black therapists (specializing in sexual trauma) Renelle Nelson and Dr. Brynez Roane, andΒ Sex Ed in Color podcast host Cameron Glover

Elite DailyΒ |Β Underground Underdogs ‘Sound Bites’ Mixtape Is Changing Rap’s Rape Culture Problem In A Big WayΒ | InterviewedΒ Underground Underdogs founder Jack Angell, Blackhouse Records’ General Manager Scott Rozell, artists Orion Lake and Isabella Amarga, and graphic designer Seclude

Elite Daily |Β 14 Best Sex-Positive Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow For A Spicier FeedΒ | Interviewed illustratorΒ @alphachanneling, photographerΒ Cecile Hoodie, illustratorΒ Nikki Peck, illustratorΒ @flupielandΒ and illustratorΒ Carlos Cabada

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