Lovin’ This Melanated Girl brings empowerment to black & brown women in D.C.

Shane Engedi’s natural hair event, Lovin’ this Melanated Girl D.C., was a low-key, lovely evening of black and brown women celebrating their hair journey and life experiences.

Exploring Northern Ireland’s conflict through the lens of film

Studying films surrounding the Troubles has helped me grasp what the violence was all about.

Day 1: Scooting into Scotland

Here are the shenanigans we got up to on our first day on Scotland.

Suiting up with Burberry

Burberry’s “Here We Are” exhibition shows you the heart of England, both old and new.

Day 2: Seeing Sachsenhausen + cruising through Kreuzberg

On the second day, I learned why everyone should visit a concentration camp and that Berlin is the wokest city I’ve ever been to.