Elite Daily Sex & Dating Favorites of 2019

January 2019: The Women Uncorked Sex-Positivity Workshop Taught Me It’s OK to Not Have All The Answers Yet

March 2019: Underground Underdogs ‘Sound Bites’ Mixtape Is Changing Rap’s Rape Culture Problem In A Big Way

April 2019: The Psychology Behind Sexting Reveals Exactly Why It’s So Addicting

April 2019: Deun Ivory’s Photos of Black Sexual Assault Survivors Celebrate Their Healing

June 2019: It’s A “Hot Girl Summer” & Here’s How 10 People Are Celebrating

August 2019: I Tried Sensation Play & Enjoyed Testing Out Something New In Bed

August 2019: Is Dating A Coworker OK? It’s Complicated, So Here’s What You Need To Know

October 2019: What Coming Out In A “Straight” Relationship Is Like, According To 6 Queer People Who’ve Done It

October 2019: I Tried A Bit Gag In The Bedroom & Found A Kinky Addition To Foreplay

November 2019: If Your Partner Never Wants To Cuddle After Sex, Here’s How To Talk About It