I firmly believe the best stories come from when I follow my curiosity. Here is a selection of my reported service pieces and personal essays in the digital space.



Elite Daily Underground Underdogs ‘Sound Bites’ Mixtape Is Changing Rap’s Rape Culture Problem In A Big Way | Interviewed Underground Underdogs founder Jack Angell, Blackhouse Records’ General Manager Scott Rozell, artists Orion Lake and Isabella Amarga, and graphic designer Seclude

Elite Daily14 Best Sex-Positive Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow For A Spicier Feed | Interviewed illustrator @alphachanneling, photographer Cecile Hoodie, illustrator Nikki Peck, illustrator @flupieland and illustrator Carlos Cabada


Elite DailyKaty Perry’s Astrological Sign Reveals So Much About What She’s Like As A Partner

Elite DailyIrina Shayk’s Quote About Bradley Cooper & Privacy Makes So Much Sense

Elite Daily |Jennifer Lawrence’s Zodiac Sign Reveals Everything About Her Relationship Style

Elite Daily |Behati Prinsloo’s Zodiac Sign Reveals So Much About How She Loves Adam Levine


Elite Daily |3 Sex Scenes From ‘The Favourite’ That Are Royally Hot

Elite Daily Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga’s 2019 Oscars Body Language Was Super Intimate | Interviewed body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass

Petit Ange BrunWhy I decided to be Lara Croft for Halloween

The Daily Orange | Black Lives Matter Syracuse screens “Black Panther” to celebrate empowerment | Interviewed BLM activists Rahzie Seals and Herve Comeau, and Dr. Charisse L’Pree



Elite Daily If You’re Ready For A Joint Savings Account With Your Significant Other, Here’s How You’ll Know | Interviewed certified financial planner Patricia Stallworth, The Purposeful Penny’s Paige Pritchard and financial wellness blogger Kara Stevens

Jerk Magazine |It’s not all L’s with the tax reform bill | Interviewed Millennial Money podcast host Shannah Compton Game

Jerk MagazineThe minimalism trend is not so simple | Interviewed minimalism thought leader Regina Wong and photographer Naomi Schware



Elite DailyIs My Relationship Moving Too Fast? An Expert Explains Why “Taking It Slowly” Doesn’t Always Work | Interviewed sex and relationships therapist Todd Baratz, therapist Priya Tahim, LGBTQ+ inclusive therapist Megan Murphy, and dating coach and vlogger Imani Brewer a.k.a. Actual Black Mermaid

Elite Daily |If You’re Bored By Your Relationship, You’ll Notice These 8 Things About Yourself | Interviewed therapist Dr. Binita Amin, life coach Sara Oliveri Olumba and therapist Montrella Cowan

Elite Daily |This Breakup Advice From CEOs Can Get You Through Any Heartbreak & This Love Advice From 8 CEOs Will Guide You Toward Finding Your Soulmate | Interviewed From a Bolivian’s Vanessa Acosta, The Bali Bead’s Lillian Daniels, Hey Atlas Creative’s Cade Roach, Underthing’s Kyla Brown, Blue House Bikinis’ Amanda Brocksmith, Not Pot’s Kati Holland, Adorned by Chi’s Jacque Aye and ShopLatinx’s Brittany Chavez

Elite Daily | Here’s Why Moving On After Getting Ghosted Can Be Hard, According To Experts | Interviewed life coach Julie Wadley and relationship expert Debra Fileta

Elite Daily Here’s What You Need To Know If Your SO Keeps You A Secret From Their Friends | Interviewed psychiatrist Susan Edelman, behavioral scientist Clarissa Silva and relationship expert Demetrius Figueroa

Elite Daily | How To Cope With The 3 Ways Dating Someone New Can Change Your Sleep Habits | Interviewed sleep expert Alanna McGinn

Elite Daily Here’s How To Celebrate Holidays With Your Partner’s Family When You’re Not Religious & They Are | Interviewed etiquette experts Diane Gottsman and Jacqueline Whitmore


Elite Daily |10 Biggest Misconceptions About Sex, Debunked By OB-GYNs & Sexperts | Interviewed gynecologists Dr. Jennifer McBlaine and Dr. Mark Trolice, fertility clinic director Brian Levine and anal surgeon Dr. Evan Goldstein

Elite Daily | Why You Should Use Condoms, Even If You’re On Hormonal Birth Control | Interviewed gynecologists Dr. Laura Alsina-Sanchez, Dr. Sherry Ross and Dr. Adeeti Gupta

Elite DailyA Gynecologist Reveals The Surprising Truth About Getting Pregnant On Your Period | Interviewed gynecologists Dr. Sherry Ross, Dr. Felice Gersh and Dr. Enrique Soto, Dr. Laura Alsina-Sanchez

Elite Daily A Sex Therapist Explains If It’s Normal To Sometimes Dread Initiating Sex | Interviewed sex therapist Susan Segal

Medium | How do we fix America’s LGBT sex ed problem? | Interviewed “Making Gay History” podcast host Eric Marcus, Dr. Cara Levine, LGBTQ+ advocate Kelly Madrone and Blythe Ulrich from Rutgers University sex ed initiative Answer

The Daily Orange | Sex workers can be sexually assaulted, despite assumed promiscuity



Elite DailyTry These 3 Sex Positions If Your Love Language Is Giving Gifts | Interviewed Dalychia Saah and Rafaella Fiallo, a sex education duo creating digital space for black people to discuss their sexuality with Afrosexology

Elite Daily 3 Sex Positions For Virgos That’ll Make Them See Stars

Elite Daily5 Sex Positions For Libras That Are Destined To Lead To Starry Nights

Elite Daily | I Tried Amber Rose’s “SlutBox” To Feel More Sexually Confident & Here’s What Happened

Elite DailyThe Women Uncorked Sex-Positivity Workshop Taught Me It’s OK to Not Have All The Answers Yet | Women Uncorked facilitator and Graphic Sex Project founder Jennifer Beman

Elite DailyA Sex Therapist Reveals How To Feel Confident Sharing Fantasies With Your Partner | Interviewed sex therapist Kristen Lilla

Elite DailyHere’s How To Kickstart Kinky Sex If You’ve Fallen Into A Rut, Sexperts Say | Interviewed Unbound CEO Polly Rodriguez and sex coach Mickie Woods



Elite Daily | Here’s The Truth About Archiving Versus Deleting Photos Of Your Ex On Instagram | Interviewed sex and relationship therapist Todd Baratz and Elle Huerta, CEO of breakup app Mend

Elite Daily |Roadie, A Service For Exchanging Items Post-Breakup, Means No More Awkward Convos With Your Ex | Interviewed Jamie Gottlieb, Roadie Content + Communications Manger

Elite Daily Intimate Valentine’s Day Dates In Long-Distance Relationships Are Possible & Here’s How Mine Went

Elite DailyI Tried the Desire App with My Girlfriend As A Part of Our Resolution for A Sexier 2019

Elite Daily |Tumblr’s NSFW Content Ban May Do More Harm Than Good & Here’s Why