I’m a firm believer that the best stories I’ve written have come from either A) following my deep-welled passion or B) following my freshly piqued curiosity. From newspapers to magazines to this very blog, here is an abridged selection of my writing and reporting in the digital space.



BlavityΒ |Β As a queer, black Syracuse student, here’s why I’m not surprised by Theta Tau’s racist remarks

The Daily OrangeΒ |Β Here’s the reason Strong Hearts named its milkshakes after activistsΒ 

The Daily OrangeΒ |Β Johanna ToruΓ±o speaks about accessible art, activism at SU

The Daily OrangeΒ | Black Lives Matter Syracuse screens “Black Panther” to celebrate empowerment

The Daily OrangeΒ | ‘Haunted Ethnography’ exhibition digs up graves of colonialism



The Daily OrangeΒ |Β Here’s how 3 CNY organizations are teaming up to champion trans rights

University College London Film SocietyΒ |Β TheΒ Weinstein story points to darker truths about how we view women

The Daily OrangeΒ |Β β€˜Hotline Bling’ challenges mainstream beauty standardsΒ 

The Daily OrangeΒ |Β Sex workers can be sexually assaulted, despite assumed promiscuity



Cherry MagazineΒ | American Apparel is moving on up with its ‘They O.K.’ campaign

The Daily OrangeΒ |Β khristian kemp-delisser returns to SU as LGBT Resource Center Director

MediumΒ |The moment I realized there’s no shame in that

The Daily OrangeΒ |Β β€˜Stonewall’ film fails to properly represent LGBT+ community



MediumΒ |Β Is ‘Alien’ still a feminist film?Β 

Petit Ange BrunΒ |Β ‘Mother!’ asks us to reconsider the rules of domesticity

Petit Ange BrunΒ |Β ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ thoroughly roasts Americans and that’s OK

University College London Film SocietyΒ |‘Donnie Darko:’ Teen angst meets existentialism



Jerk MagazineΒ |It’s not all L’s with the tax reform bill

Jerk Magazine|Β The minimalism trend is not so simpleΒ 

The Daily OrangeΒ |Β Trump NEA, CPB budget cuts could render CNY arts organizations down, but not out

Talk Media NewsΒ |Β Unemployment and unaffordable housing collide in D.C. homelessness crisis



Petit Ange Brun |Β Investigating free speech at Syracuse University London’s symposium (reposted on Syracuse University London’s official blog)

MediumΒ |Β How do we fix America’s LGBT sex ed problem?

The Daily OrangeΒ |Β Lebanese photographer raises the voice of men in the Middle EastΒ 

The Daily OrangeΒ |Β Inauguration weekend poses fresh opportunity for student activism


Apart from freshening up my portfolio in these subjects, I’m looking to explore the areas of technology, sex and music in 2019.